Not Blogging

#1 Why I don't blog

Why I don't blog

I write too long. I write too much. I don't want to have to update it all the time. I don't want to spend energy curating the comments section. I have too many random interests and my blog would have no coherence. I feel like I should get paid for writing, as a professional scholar and writer. I hate the idea of self-marketing. I loath the idea of building a "platform." I detest the idea of personal "branding." I don't want to spend time promoting my blog on other blogs. No one reads anymore anyway; it's all about short videos these days. After resisting the siren song so long, I don't want my streak to end.

Why I might blog

I love to write. I have lots of opinions to share. People are always like "you should blog." No one is really interested in paying me for my random opinions, anyway. If I can connect a few opinions with a few others it might be worth it. I have thousands and thousands and thousands of words of writing sitting around on various hard drives anyway that will probably not find a home elsewhere, so, what the heck?