Jacob S. Dorman has published two books, one with Random House’s Canadian imprint, McClelland & Stewart, in 2001, and one with Oxford University Press in 2013, reprinted in 2016. He has several more in the works, including The Princess and the Prophet

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chosen people:

The rise of American Black Israelite Religions

New York: Oxford University press, 2013, 2016

Chosen People won three book awards, was named an Outstanding Academic title, and won accolades such as "pathbreaking" and a "tour de force." 

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The Princess and the Prophet: 

magic, RACE & the birth of moorish muslims in america

Boston: Beacon press, january 2020

The Princess and the Prophet tells the previously unknown life story of the Prophet Noble Drew Ali and his time on Broadway as a child star, his time in the circus as a Hindu magician, and his life as a jazz musician in Chicago before becoming the founder of the first mass movement of Muslims in American history. It also chronicles the worlds of anti-colonial political movements, popular culture, and orientalist entertainment in such venues as circuses, Wild West shows, magic shows, the Chicago World's Fair, Shriner lodges, and dime store museums, which spread awareness of Islam.